Mission and Values


The Arizona Training & Evaluation Center, Inc. (AZTEC) operates a variety of person-centered services designed to provide members with an environment in which they are able to live, learn, make decisions for themselves and to interact within the community. Our programs operate under the philosophy that members with disabilities have a right to training, to a normal environment, and to the same rights, privileges and respect which are due to every person.


It is the philosophy of the Arizona Training & Evaluation Center, Inc. (AZTEC) that every human being, regardless of their level of ability, has the right to develop to his/her maximum potential. 


All services and programs will provide opportunities that incorporate a multi-dimensional approach to personal growth. This approach also reflects the interaction of the person within his/her environment with regards to independence, rights and responsibilities, relationships, societal contributions, participation in school, community, employment opportunities and overall well-being.


For over 40 years, AZTEC’s activities and decisions have been guided by our Mission Statement and our employees who take great pride in working to encourage members to improve the quality of their lives and to reach their full potential every day.