Programs / Services


Adult Services Program


The emphasis in our Adult Services Program is to provide individualized training for members 18 and older in a variety of areas including life skills, social and community awareness, social development and independent living. There are a variety of programs and curriculums that offer opportunities for learning through volunteer experiences, art and cooking classes, music therapy, physical fitness classes, community outings to parks, libraries and museums along with exposure to work. Throughout the year special events take place centered on holidays, birthdays and theme parties. 


AZTEC provides a structured environment in which training is directed towards enabling persons to increase their range of independent functioning, and to provide them with learning opportunities through integrated recreational and leisure time activities.

Older Adult Programs


Older Adult Programs provides training and therapeutic activities with a focus on social, psychological and physical needs of aging persons. Individually tailored services are designed to support successful aging and enable each person to function as independently as possibly. AZTEC also offers older adult programs to persons who live in an AZTEC residential setting so they can remain home and experience daily activities and independence in a more relaxed environment. 


Seniors enjoy a full array of activities such as bingo, arts and crafts, along with participation in integrated activities offered by local senior centers.  A relaxed, safe environment that offers stimulating and fun activities is our primary emphasis.  

Employment Program


The Arizona Training & Evaluation Center, Inc. (AZTEC) offers a choice of employment services designed to provide members with opportunities in which they will receive meaningful education-related activities, as well as vocational training experiences. No matter what challenges a member may have, we strive to provide employment opportunities to all members. AZTEC personnel work with each person to develop a realistic plan that ultimately considers both their abilities and weaknesses.


Services may be provided at a center-based workshop, or community- based worksite. The overall program goal is to prepare each member for an inde­pendent employment experience in the least restrictive setting. Participants will enhance his/her development, competencies and achievements and learn to overcome their barriers to employment. AZTEC services incorporate classroom instruction which utilizes a structured curriculum to provide guidance and orientation to the world of work. Vocational evaluations are completed and utilized to develop a job development plan for each member based upon their strengths, interests and needs.


Center-Based Employment programs provide remunerative contract work which offers members opportunities to complete light assembly jobs for local businesses, packing food, collating and shredding jobs. This wide variety of work encourages growth and promotes the goals of independent employment and skill development.


Community-Based Employment programs in cooperation with local busi­nesses, offer integrated enclave sites that include cleaning and materials recycling crews. Supervised groups of 3-5 members and a trained Job Coach work together to provide valuable real work opportunities in the community. Transportation and supervision are provided throughout the day. Each of these experiences promotes growth and development to becoming competitively employed.


Once a member has acquired sufficient skills and is able to work independently, AZTEC assists in developing a job in the community where staff supports are provided to assist the member in maintaining and performing their job.  

 Residential Program


The goal of the Residential Services Program is to provide supports to enable a person to become independent and to interact within the community. Program emphasis includes developing appropriate group and individual social and leisure time skills, home living and personal maintenance skills, health services, community integration and communication skills.  Supports and training are person centered and are tailored to increase overall skills and life experiences needed to achieve personal goals.


AZTEC operates thirty-two (32) residential group homes located in the West Valley area. These settings are barrier-free and each provides a home for three to five members. Vehicles are available at each location and provide safe and reliable transportation for work, recreation and medical appointments. 


AZTEC’s residential settings are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) and are monitored by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  AZTEC has consistently scored in the 95th percentile and above on our DDD monitoring visits. We are very proud of our successful performance and compliance scores during these reviews.


Our homes are staffed with professional and highly trained employees in a variety of areas including medication administration, but not limited to: basic health and medical care, incident report writing, cultural diversity, disability awareness, personal care techniques, driver training, First Aid and CPR, Article IX and Prevention and Supports. 



Recreation Program


Recreation is vital to promoting healthy minds and bodies. AZTEC’s Residential Services Program has a Recreation Coordinator who ensures activities are planned according to member needs in each residential setting. Community outings are monitored and evaluated to ensure individuals enjoy and learn from these activities.



AZTEC has a fleet of vehicles and specialty equipped vans to transport individuals to and from our programs each day.  Our transportation is limited by boundaries, so we encourage you to call for more information.



For more information about all our programs, please contact Victoria Williamson at (623) 412-2888 ext. 123 or email